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Size: 58x78x85mm
Working power and power consumption: (90-250) VAC
Power: 3W
Display: LED digital display
Button: Press the film button
Input: An NTC-220 (240K) thermistor temperature sensor input, a group of AT35-7 water level sensor input. Signal line extension use 10m effective.
Measuring range and accuracy:
Temperature sensor measuring range: -19 ~ 99C, accuracy: ± 1C
Water level sensor Measuring range: 0%, 30%, 50%, 80%, 100%
Control range:
Heating temperature setting range: 10 ~ 99C
Set temperature constant water range: 10 ~ 99C
Water level setting range: 0%, 30%, 50%, 80%, 100%
Output: 1, all the way to normally open the relay normally closed contact temperature control heating output, two relay normally open water output
2, the current capacity of each contact resistive load 6A, inductive load 1A, 1000W can be controlled by electric heating or 200W motor or pump, greater load required AC contactor expansion.
Relay life: off 100,000 times
Use of the environment: -10 ~ 50C
Weight: 0.636g
Other parameters:
1, set the parameters of long-term power-down memory
2, temperature control hysteresis setting range: 1 ~ 10C
3, water level setting range: 0%, 30%, 50%, 80%, 100%
4, full of water set range: 30%, 50%, 80%, 100%
5, temperature deviation correction range: -10 ~ 10C
Package includes:
1 x  host
1 x 7 line 304 stainless steel level probe
1 x waterproof junction box
1 x temperature probe
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